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💐 Ao Dai Bella is an ao dai brand that specializes in providing mother and baby ao dai, boy's ao dai, baby girl's ao dai and fashion items, wedding ao dai ......... With the goal of bringing to the latest innovative ao dai products, always up to date with trends. Each product is carefully and meticulously sewn with the safest and most comfortable materials!
1️⃣ With high quality silk, brocade, soft, airy, carefully selected, the wedding dress at Ao dai bella is in the TOP of the best wedding dresses to choose.
2️⃣ Various designs, colors, and models, suitable for many styles and body shapes
3️⃣Extremely meticulous and careful hand-embroidered details, made by top skilled artisans

Ao Dai Bella

Address: Số 23 đường phù đổng thiên vương, Đức Trọng, Lâm Đồng, Việt Nam


Hotline: (84) 792 246 368